Adjust Salaried Job Cost Module for Deltek Vision

Our Custom Adjust Salaried Job Cost Module for Deltek Vision is flexible and robust. It provides flexibility, power, and transparency.


Compare the standard ASJC functionality with our Custom Adjust Salaried Job Cost Module for Deltek Vision:

Deltek Vision Standard ASJC Process Version X Custom ASJC Module
Alters original cost transactions Uses labor adjustments, which does not alter original transactions
Can not run in previous periods if employee rates have changed Can run in any period as long as employee salary history is known
Can’t see adjustment by project Report shows adjustments by employee, project and week
Adjustments not editable You can edit the labor transactions before posting if desired
Can’t undo the process You can unpost the adjustments, delete the file and re-run the process

When you run the ASJC process, you do not have to be in that specific period. You can run it for any period from the processing screen. You can also see which files have been posted, and where to find them if you need to unpost and re-run the process.

Adjust Salaried Job Cost

Results Log (note in this example, the accounting periods do not line up with calendar periods). Employee names have been removed to preserve sensitive information.

Adjust Salary Job Cost

For More Info:

Contact us for further information about this product, especially if you have never run the ASJC Process before and have a large number of salaried employees working on chargeable projects.




  • Adjust Salaried Job Cost Module: $2,500 USD / Year (first year paid at time of implementation)
  • Setup fees extra and may vary based on existing configuration and setup
  • No Annual Maintenance
  • Unlimited number of Users

Pricing includes an initial consultation, however initial setup and configuration of the Adjust Salaried Job Cost Module is extra and will be determined after initial consultation. Any client specific programming changes or requests for enhancement to the core functionality are billable on a time and materials basis. We will provide a detailed estimate for any such requests.

Any updates required due to changes to the Deltek Vision application or issues arising from full version upgrades or cumulative updates are included in the annual pricing. Price also includes any new enhancements to the module as developed. Installation of updates subject to prior client approval.