Whenever I’m trying to build on an idea, develop a product or service, or help someone identify the key points about their business that makes them stand out, I aim for finding the 3 strongest attributes.

In the case of the custom ASJC tool I developed, here are the 3 things that make it great:

1. You can run the process for any prior period you need to, and at any point in the processing cycle after timesheets are posted, and it will be correct.
This also means you can correct job cost for prior periods without having to unpost, modify, repost timesheets.  The reason it works this way is because unlike Deltek Vision’s standard ASJC process, our custom process relies on a historical salary grid to get its cost data.

2. You can UNDO it.
This is NOT at all possible with Vision’s standard ASJC process.  The SCG Custom ASJC process does not alter the actual LD (labor data) table like the Vision standard one does.  Instead, our process uses labor adjustments, which can be unposted, deleted, re-written or even modified at any point.

3. It’s easy to use and has a great informative log.
The log (pictured below) shows which employee is getting the cost adjustment, which week it’s for, the assigned cost (initially from time on projects), and the amount of adjustment for that week.  It also shows the file name this happened in; in case you want to crack it open and take a peek.  This is all shown BEFORE the labor adjustments are posted (and after) so you can check for accuracy if you need to.

One other thing… you can tell it which day of the week you consider as your start day, and it handles the rest.

It’s awesome. Contact me for details if you would like to have this installed on your Vision implementation.


SCG’s Custom Adjust Salaried Job Cost log