I’m in Nashville.

I had all these grand visions of what I would accomplish before I got here this week, like a good blog post about the credit card transaction import utility that I’ve almost completed for a client, and how I would have worked on my presentation another few hours to make it perfect… but alas, when a client calls with an emergency that takes up a few days of my time, things get moved around.

If you’re interested in attending my breakout session, it’s PS-80 … putting data in the right place.

In any case… I’m in Nashville now, and will be attending Insight. If you read my blog and would like to get in touch, feel free to email me or txt or call. If you have a question or a comment or merely want to meet me in person, please look me up.

email (works on my phone): loren.saunders at gmail.com
phone (area code 805) 452-3999

I look forward to meeting you!