One of my clients has a group of inspectors who don’t have access to Vision regularly, don’t enter their own timesheets, but still need to see what is on the timesheet.

Thus, this group of users needs read only access to the Vision time module.

In Vision 7.x this isn’t really possible. So I created a custom infocenter to capture the timesheet information including benefit hours accumulated.

Using some SQL magic I wrote a couple stored procedures to populate the grids in the custom infocenter with the timesheet data.

Some of the features include:

0. This allows users to have read-only access to any timesheet in Vision.
1. All timesheets are based upon timesheet period as configured in Vision.
2. This data can be back filled as far as there is timesheet data.
3. Benefit hours shown are as of that timesheet date.
4. This shows hours before they are actually submitted or approved.
5. As you can see, the grid is flexible, showing only relevant days.
6. Workflows keep the grids populated with the most recent data, updating nightly. This can be set up to update hourly or as often as needed.
7. Employees can find any of the records by entering any part of their name or timesheet period in the search box.

Here’s a screen shot of part of the infocenter, just the part that shows the hours: