I posted this one a week or two ago, with a solution for missing timesheet reporting…
Missing timesheet days for Deltek Vision

I’ll admit that it bothered me. The report wasn’t very good. It didn’t show if an entire timesheet was missing, nor if the total number of hours still met expectations when there were timesheet days missing.

So I upgraded the report. Now you can run this report in Deltek Vision 7.1 through 7.6 (and Deltek Professional Services as well) which will show you missing timesheets for all employees.  The report has the following features:

  1. Run the report for any period of time by entering a start and end date.
  2. Filter the report by any subset of employees if needed.
  3. Show missing timesheets.
  4. Show missing timesheet days.
  5. Show cases where the number of hours is less than the expected amount for any day or timesheet period even if all days have timesheet entries.
  6. The report is deployed to your existing Deltek Vision implementation, cloud or self hosted, inside of your regular standard reporting interface. This means it uses all the same security settings, favorites and saved searches. You can also export this report to PDF, Word or Excel like any other Deltek Vision report!

Price: $2,500 USD
Maintenance: $500/year

Note: This report will adapt to whatever timesheet periods you have established in Deltek Vision.

Here is a quick guide for how it works:

Missing Timesheets Report