Custom Reports

Version X Solutions has developed a catalog of Deltek Vision Custom Reports to meet common requests from clients.  If you have a report you’d like developed please contact us. Except in certain cases, we give a fixed price for all reports.

NOTE: The new version of Deltek Vision, “Deltek Professional Services” will support all custom reports, info centers and workflows developed in Version 7.X.  This means work we do for your firm now will carry over to the next major upgrade!

All of our reports are designed to work with versions of Vision 7.1 and later and have the following features:

  • Are deployed into the Vision platform alongside standard reports
  • Can be exported in various formats like any other Vision report and export cleanly to Excel without formatting issues
  • Make use of favorites and saved searches features like any other Deltek Vision report
  • Use standard Vision search utilities for Employees, Projects or other Info Centers depending upon report base data
  • Use standard Vision security and deployment
  • Are extendable and customizable for additional fees
  • Come with a small maintenance fee allowing you access to future versions

We provide fixed prices for core reports and annual maintenance costs. However, due to the wide variations in configurations and specific client requirements some customization may be required at additional cost. In this case, we will give you a fixed cost for any necessary changes.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know what you need and we can build it for you.

Be sure to check out our catalog of Custom Modules!

Be sure to check out our catalog of Custom Modules!