Missing Timesheet Report

With our custom Missing Timesheet Report for Deltek Vision, we give you a much greater insight into who your chronic timesheet delinquents are and how much time they are missing from their timesheets.

If you ask Deltek how to report on missing timesheet days here’s what they tell you:

Deltek Vision Expert Consultants

Deltek Vision Expert Consultants

Instead of fumbling around with all those cumbersome steps which only gives you one Labor Period you can use our report to:

  • Run the report for any period of time by entering a start and end date.
  • Filter the report by any subset of employees if needed.
  • Show missing timesheets.
  • Show missing timesheet days.
  • Show floor check by day or by week. (floor check is a test to see if employees are entering minimum required hours).
  • The report is deployed to your existing Deltek Vision implementation, cloud or self hosted, inside of your regular standard reporting interface. This means it uses all the same security settings, favorites and saved searches. You can also export this report to PDF, Word or Excel like any other Deltek Vision report!

Deltek Vision Expert Consultants

Please note that DeltekFirst Cloud users will require Custom Reports to be enabled before this report can be implemented.

If you would like someone from the Version X team to contact you drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

  • Write-Off Report: $2,500 USD
  • Annual Maintenance: 15%

Pricing includes initial consultation and adjustments to suit current Vision configuration. Changes to report structure or customization of report columns, calculations, etc. will be billable on a time and materials basis.