As it is with any ERP system, going with what’s out of the box will normally get you to about a 75% to 80% implementation level. Deltek Vision is no exception, nor will Deltek Professional Services (DPS) be any different.

I hear a lot of clients say “We purchased this platform because it’s what the top firms use. We want to be a top firm.”  What the fantastic sales teams and marketing department at Deltek won’t emphasize, is the fact that those “top firms” often have a staff of 250 or more employees, including a business analyst or two, or even an entire team of developers and business analysts to tackle automation and “fit” problems that come up with the out of the box features in Deltek Vision. These teams are dedicated to knowing the firm’s business processes inside and out, and developing automation solutions for those processes. Those solutions may or may not include features of a Deltek product, and may or may not be integrated with whatever ERP platform is in place. The people that do this kind of work well are generally hard to find and are thus priced accordingly.

Thus, for smaller firms, with 50 to 249 employees, getting a true, custom fit for their ERP platform is simply not something they can afford. Or is it?

This is why we created Version X Solutions.  Lots of firms want us to do projects for them, but many cannot afford the hourly rates to first define the project, then execute it. It’s just not in their budget. So how can we take someone like Loren or Kevin and make that person available to more firms at a lower cost?

We can do that by identifying the top needs of many firms, and developing a solution for not just one firm at a time, but 5, or 10.

So, with that idea in mind, we’d like for you to help your firm and others by starting with this brief survey:
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Then, leave a comment with ideas you have about gaps that need to be filled, or products you’d like to see us add to our inventory.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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I found this meme quite funny…
“When you lied on your resume about having sheep herding experience”