Is there a good way to move workflows from a test environment to a live one?

Previously moving workflows in Deltek Vision from a test database to a live database meant painfully retracing the steps of re-creating those workflows..  For complex workflows this could be laborious and introduce mistakes as well if you missed a checkbox or put the actions down in the incorrect order, or made a small error on the workflow conditions.

I’ve written a script that moves any Deltek Vision workflow (using stored procedures, methods, web services, conditions or anything else…) from one database to another in an instant.  This works only for version 6.1, and does not move any associated stored procedures.  You have to do that separately.

If you want to have that script… you can contact me directly.

I won’t be releasing actual scripts on this blog anymore due to the proprietary nature of the items I develop, and the danger behind giving a “screwdriver” to the wrong person.