Version X Solutions

was formed when Kevin and Loren realized that by working together they could provide better products and services to more customers by joining forces.

Their complimentary skills and depth of knowledge allow them to solve your most challenging problems and bring the best Deltek Vision / Deltek Professional Services solutions to the industry.

Team Continuity:

We are not only the principals, but we do the work.

We have long term relationships with our clients and know their businesses well.

Each time you call us, you’ll get the same people to help you and continue on with the work.

No need to start over time and again with staff who don’t even know Deltek Vision as well as you do!

Kevin Coles
Power BI / Vision / Vantagepoint / Cloud Expert

As an IT management consultant, Kevin has been helping project based engineering firms get the most out of technology and Deltek Vision / Vantagepoint for the past 25 years. Kevin has been working with the Deltek Vision / Vantagepoint platforms since 2005, and as an independent consultant since 2010.

Kevin puts effective change management procedures in place to help drive adoption of new business process and technologies. He helps your firm to define and address the various sets of user requirements by department. This ensures that the technology platforms you deploy serve your firm's operations, and not the other way around.

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Loren Saunders
Business Systems Architect
Loren has been developing business process automation solutions since 1995. Having worked with Vision since 2003, he has successfully implemented Deltek Vision, rescued failed or at risk implementations, and greatly enhanced in place instances with custom modules, custom info centers, and integrations with other enterprise systems.

Loren likes to solve big problems that have a high ROI for clients and large impact on company operations. He also develops many extensions and custom reports that can be used by any firm using the Deltek Vision family of products.
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