Since I’ve been developing a lot of custom reports for Deltek Vision 6 and above, I’ve noticed a lot of commonalities between requests for custom reporting.  Custom reports in SSRS against Deltek Vision can be quite time consuming and thus expensive for firms… so I’m developing a library of “custom” reports that can be installed in just an hour or two, and are already built.

You can of course have this report modified by me, and it’s guaranteed to be error free… meaning, if there is a problem with it, then I’ll fix it for free, right away.

So here is the first of the slick reports.  I’m going to call this one THE BOSS.

It’s an employee utilization report.  Here I’ve run it against the Vision demo database for illustration purposes only, thus the numbers are going to be most likely wacky.

If you would like to see what this report looks like on your database, get in touch with me.


Click here to view the report (pdf): SCG Employee Utilization