Here is an interesting problem I ran across today.

Let’s just say you want to completely change the structure of a project like so…
Project number:  0123456.00
Phase 01 – conception
Phase 02 – design
Phase 03 – estimation
Phase 04 – construction management
Phase 05 – permitting and closure
Project number: 0123456.00
Phase 01 – Building Group A
Task 01 – conception
Task 02 – design
Task 03 – estimation
Task 04 – construction management
Task 05 – permitting and closure
So essentially what you’re doing is moving phases down to the task level and sticking them all under the same phase.
I thought I could do this in sql on the database side but it proved to be rather complex and not really worth my time (or my client’s time).  So I found a different way that works…  the only caveat is that it will NOT work if you have ANY billings against this project (assuming they are at the phase level) and it will also not work if those phases you have already have tasks, unless you roll them up by using the “disable task/phase” feature in Vision.
So here’s how you do it:
1. – enable tasks on each phase down to a task with same number
2. – add the new phase you want everything to be under (might have to give it a temporary number then convert it back to the one you want if it’s being used already)
3. – add one task to this phase (just make sure it has tasks enabled and has at least one task)
4. – key convert them all to be a task under your desired phase
5. – delete remainder phases (once the tasks have been stripped and moved to their desired location)