Version X Solutions connects directly to your Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint data to create powerful, preconfigured or fully custom reports with Power BI. Below we showcase a firms Account Receivables and an interactive version for you to explore.

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Accounts Receivable Aging

Welcome to the Accounts Receivable Report, a vital tool for tracking and managing your organization’s receivables. Start with a broad overview by exploring the high-level hierarchy of Business Unit, Division, or Subdivision. For more in-depth analysis, drill down into the details starting with individual Project Managers, then specific projects under each, and finally down to the individual invoices.
Customize your view using advanced filters accessible via the ‘Filters’ button in the top left corner. These filters allow you to examine data by Project Manager, isolate receivables by specific clients, categorize receivables using the aging bucket filter to identify overdue accounts, and focus on individual projects to assess their impact on the accounts receivable status. This layered approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of your receivables and their management.