Our Clients

Version X Solutions is proud to have many long term clients. We like to think they keep coming back because we maintain a professional, responsive and personal relationship. We understand your unique needs and will always provide you with excellent product and services. While some firms just do the minimum to get the list of requirements checked off, we make sure the job is done thoroughly and correctly.

Below are just a few examples of what our clients say about working with us:

Over the course of a year Kevin Coles was instrumental in working shoulder to shoulder with us as we revolutionized our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system by migrating it into Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) and dynamically integrating it with our Deltek accounting database. Due to Kevin asking the right questions to efficiently understand our business needs, the KPI system improvements now give Managers at varying levels across the firm current, accurate, meaningful reports helping them quickly identify areas to focus on, work with their direct reports, and have the tools to immediately see if adjustments are having the desired results or not.

Throughout the process Kevin’s dynamic and innovative approach to long term solutions using his Deltek knowledge, programming skills, and Power BI expertise made the process a huge success.  Even more impactful, his pleasant and engaging attitude through the inevitable building process of hitting walls as a team and breaking through them made even the hardest challenges seem beatable and the successes even more fun. Kevin has also helped us with many creative solutions within Deltek Vision and the transition into Vantagepoint.

It was an absolute pleasure for me personally to get to work with Kevin so closely and I look forward to continuing our work together into the future.  I cannot recommend Kevin highly enough for those looking to shift their data tracking into the next generation using Power BI.  It has become part of the fabric of how we manage our firm.

Derek Hull

Manager, Land Development, Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd.

When Underhill Geomatics Ltd (UGL) lost two of their System Software specialists it was decided that Corporate Accounting would be hosted offsite. UGL contacted Kevin Coles to discuss how best to proceed. Kevin explained the benefits of their managed Vision Cloud Hosting Services (Secure Backups, Software Updates, Technical Support etc) vs. Deltek’s cloud. We are now happy to say we have a secure and reliable  Corporate Accounting System hosted and managed in the Cloud.

Accounting Department

Underhill Geomatics Ltd.

I have had the pleasure of working with Loren on a large project regarding configuring and updating a previous Deltek Vision implementation. Loren came in and was extremely thorough in meeting with key players and helping us to realize what Vision could do for us and also helped to customize some areas where the product fell short. Those customizations were lifesavers. His attention to detail and his task management were exceptional. He had the knowledge and ability to look beyond the box we were in and helped to make the system more usable for the entire firm. We still work with him on projects and I never hesitate to get his input whenever needed. This has been a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Loren and his services.

Edwin Walrad

Corporate Controller, DeSimone Consulting Engineering Group, LLC

Loren is one of those rare technical guru types who can both help us decide what needs to be built, and build it as well. He has provided us with robust solutions for a number of automation problems we’ve presented to him from custom info centers to workflows and of course custom invoices and reports. What I appreciate most about Loren is that his main goal appears to be to find us the best solution, not to create work for himself. This has resulted in a few cases where he recommended we implement a cheaper or already available solution even it turned out that he was not actually getting any work out of it. I would definitely recommend Loren to any company trying to find a technical person that is more than a consultant, but more like a team member trying to find the best solution for our company in the most timely, efficient, and economical manner.

Amir Ashy

Corporate Controller, EnSiteUSA

In 2015, we contacted Kevin to discuss a stored procedure that could send alerts to Project Managers when a project reached 80% of the project budget then send another alert when it reached 95% and another alert if it went over budget.  Emails were exchanged, questions asked and answered, and within a short period of time, Kevin proposed a different solution… the Budget Alerts Module.

This module updates the Compensation field in the Project Info Center with Budget totals; tracks total spent (including unposted time) against the budgets and sends emails to the Billers and Project Managers.  It even sends emails when there isn’t a budget entered!  And it keeps sending emails, including escalation emails, until action is taken and recorded in Vision.

The Budget Alerts module has improved project management performance and internal efficiencies.

Kevin’s knowledge of Deltek Vision and of our business was key to the successful implementation of the Budget Alerts Module at Millennium.

Julie Jewitt

Vision Systems Analyst, Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.

Kevin Coles is one of the finest private consultants for Deltek Vision and Deltek iAccess.  You will not find a consultant who is more hard-working, knowledgeable, or willing to share their deep insights. I heartily recommend Kevin, without reservation, for your consulting needs related to Deltek Vision and Deltek iAccess.

Damon J. Gray

Business Services IT, Anvil Corporation

ORC is a Deltek user and tries to automate all processes through Vision. We have a business unit that operates on commission based fee splits for Appraisal services. For over a year this has provided a unique challenge in tracking services within Vision. With the addition of User Defined Info Centers Loren was quickly able to understand our needs and anticipate the requirements necessary for business process optimization and automation. His business acumen allowed him to give numerous suggestions throughout the process that allowed us to have more functionality and anticipate ways we could use the tracking system in the future, not just meet today’s needs. Loren did a thorough job of asking the right questions to understand our tracking and reporting needs. Throughout the process he provided high quality service with a high level of communication and follow-up regarding where he was in development and any bugs or issues encountered. Not only did he create a tracking system, he also integrated completed Appraisals into Billing with automated processes and workflows. His time and efforts will deliver high quality results, resulting in increased effectiveness and efficiency at ORC. Loren was personable and easy to work with, a quality that is greatly appreciated in I.T. solutions.

Carmen Johnson

Vice-President of Finance, O.R. Colan Associates

Loren has been so much more than a critical asset to our organization. He has worked in the Deltek Vision database platform for 10+ years at the time of this recommendation and has extensive SSRS, SSIS, SSAS experience, among many other Business Intelligence tools. This experience and skillset have been invaluable to a firm such as ours that depends so heavily on the Deltek Vision product and the associated tailoring and customizations that we require to make it work best for us. Without his business process analysis skillset and aptitude for automation, our organization would still be scraping by with some inefficient thorn-in-our-side processes.

Jimmy Webb

Senior Finance Analyst, Quantum Spatial

VIA Architecture has relied on Kevin Coles’ services for many years for a wide range of issues regarding all aspects of our Deltek Vision databases (SQL and Tableau).  Kevin has demonstrated his expertise by building and maintaining our servers, creating and troubleshooting both out-of-the-box and custom reports, configuring new modules and being our on-call support for all sorts of questions and issues.  We have always found Kevin to be highly professional and responsive and he follows issues through until they are resolved and communicates clearly every step of the way.

Kevin has an amazing understanding and appreciation of the functionality of Deltek Vision for all of our Users and understands their needs and relationship with Vision.  The technical expertise and breadth of experience Kevin brings to the table is highly valued by our team.

Marlene Martens

Director of Finance, VIA Architecture

Loren was instrumental at adapting a very manual Credit Card import process in Deltek Vision into a very robust and significantly more automated process for our company. The import tool on the front-end, the error checking reports along the way, and back-end reconciliation tools that he developed has saved us a significant amount of time and energy since the entire project was implemented.

Loren also created an ADP application that helps us with invoice reporting for ADP’s OpenInvoice system, using custom fields in Vision and exporting to CSV files. I believe that he can easily adapt it for many different external invoicing systems. Both of these major undertakings were done in Deltek Vision Version 6 and survived and upgrade to Vision 7.1 without any hiccups, showing his grasp of the INs and OUTs of the Vision system.

All and all, Loren has been a great resource for accomplishing highly technical accounting automation tasks for our company, has saved us significantly more than he has cost us, and I would recommend him for heavy programming related projects that you may have in Deltek Vision.

He’s also always available in an emergency!!

Gary Hamer

CEO, Champion Technology Services

Our firm has hired Loren as a high level IT person performing complex database functions and financial report writing in Deltek Vision and SSRS.

When we acquired a company we used Loren to merge their existing Vision database into our corporate database with great results.

Loren has also created and rewritten many complex financial reports for us in a way that adapt automatically to configuration changes we make in Vision, including adding new accounts or organizations.

Loren is highly skilled, is great to work with and has proven to be continually reliable in his timing to complete work. I highly recommend any firm using him.

Terri Taflinger

Director of Accounting, TTG Construction Services

While I was CFO at Levelton Consultants Ltd., Kevin Coles provided valuable solutions for improving not only the company’s network but also it’s Deltek Vision ERP system. He created many time saving, automated processes to improve the reporting efficiency to all employees and also assisted in the reconfiguration of our Deltek reporting structure. The disruption to the organization was minimal yet the benefits were tremendous. Kevin has a knack for coming up with automated solutions to everyday problems.

Mark Gosse

CFO, Levelton Consultants Ltd.

While I was the CFO of ITEE, an environmental engineering company specializing in the oil and gas industry, we acquired a large new client that needed specialized cost reporting by location and well. Kevin did a great job at short notice creating an extension to our Deltek Vision enterprise software that allowed us to customize our invoicing for this client. He quickly learned the specifics of the industry and our clients special needs and met them with an elegant and practical solution. Kevin was a pleasure to work with and the client was well pleased with the results of his efforts.

Neil E. Harrison

Sustainability Consultant, ITEE

Kevin Coles has made an enormous impact on the creation of a robust, efficient, cost-effective and easily manageable IT infrastructure at CARO Analytical Services. Working with Kevin to create a big picture solution to our IT needs is a rewarding and positive experience as he is always focused on practical, manageable and long term cost effective solutions while engaging you to ensure that you are on board with the proposed solutions and have an understanding of the reasons for those choices. His areas of expertise in IT are vast and as such he is always able to see the best solution for the long term rather than a short term fix. Kevin will make a difference for you and your business. Feel free to contact me directly if you wish to discuss how he can make a difference for you.

Patrick Novak

Director & Vice-President, Caro Analytical Services

Loren has brought a higher level of performance indicators via Deltek Vision custom reports to VC&A. He brings a high level of IT and business knowledge to understand our business. He is a great problem solver, efficient, very patient, and always delivers.

Marian Ross

CFO, Vali Cooper & Associates