About Version X Solutions

Kevin Coles

Kevin Coles

Power BI / Vision / Vantagepoint / Cloud Expert

Kevin is an IT leader with over 30 years of experience in the Engineering and Architectural sector. He focuses on providing businesses value through process improvement, automation, and Business Intelligence tools, including Power BI. He has over 20 years of expertise working with the Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint ERP system, including customization, data analysis and reporting. Kevin has spent the last 5 years specializing in developing custom Power BI reporting packages for Deltek clients for both on-premise and cloud.

Kevin Coles

Eric Caldwell

PowerBI /SQL Developer

Eric is a PowerBI/SQL Developer, with a core focus on transforming Deltek datasets into efficient and user-friendly dashboards. He produces highly customized solutions that give Deltek users enhanced visibility over their data.

Who is Version X Solutions?

We are Consultants who have been working with companies in the AEC industry using the Deltek Vision platform since 2003.

We understand your business. Our pre-built and custom solutions help you mitigate risk and eliminate back office inefficiencies.

Why "Version X"?

We provide Deltek Vision users with solutions that will survive many upgrades. Most of our solutions that were built for version 7.1 work all the way through version 7.6 as well.  Many of our solutions built for 7.6 will continue to work on the next generation of the Vision platform: Deltek Professional Services.