AutoFolder Module for Deltek Vision



Is your network storage filled with project folders that are difficult to navigate and nearly impossible to search? Is your folder naming/nomenclature inconsistent? The AutoFolder Module for Deltek Vision helps you keep your Deltek Project records tightly integrated with your network file storage by automatically generating folders on your servers whenever a project is created in Deltek. It’s fully customizable and can even pre-populate the sub folders based on your unique or even dynamic specifications. You can even drop commonly used files into the folders so your end users are ready to get to work. Follow this link to read our blog series and learn where the inspiration for the AutoFolder Module for Deltek Vision came from.

  • Save your employees time! Every new project created in Vision will automatically create a corresponding project folder in the correct location on your storage system, based on rules you define.
  • Provides consistency in your folder naming and nomenclature by taking the human element out of folder setup. Folder naming will match the desired elements from the project name/number.
  • Folder/Drive locations can be customized and advanced logic can be used to determine locations and naming formats based on Project Manager, Client, Office, Department, Year, etc.
  • Multiple sub folder structures can be configured so different departments or offices can have different structures and these can be modified by your staff as requirements change over time.
  • Folders can be pre-populated with commonly used files such as contracts, forms, Templates, etc.
  • A hyperlink to the folder is automatically added to the Project Info Center–>Files tab so your employees can find files by searching for a project in Vision first.
  • Coming Soon!
For More Information:

If you would like someone from the Version X team to contact you to discuss how the AutoFolder Module for Deltek Vision can improve your business process, drop us an e-mail at [email protected]


  • AutoFolder Module: $3,000 USD

Pricing includes initial consultation to determine requirements, initial setup and configuration of the AutoFolder module. Any client specific programming changes or requests for enhancement to the core functionality of the module are billable on a time and materials basis.

Annual Maintenance includes any updates required due to changes to the Deltek Vision application or issues arising from upgrades/patching. Also includes any new enhancements to the module as developed. Installation of updates subject to prior client approval.