Percent Complete Update Module for Deltek Vision



Does your firm have a hard time getting your Project Managers to update their Percent Complete numbers due to the cumbersome way Vision requires you to click through every Project, Phase or Task and change to the Budget & Revenue Tab?

The Percent Complete Update Module is fast and convenient way for PMs to quickly see all of the Projects, Phases or Tasks that they are listed as the PM for and update Percent Complete numbers in a simple grid. No more excuses for not keeping them up to date!

  • Simplified view shows only those Projects, Phases or Task that you are listed as the PM for.
  • Quickly update Percent Complete numbers in a simple grid like Excel.
  • Click a button and instantly push your changes to the Project Info Center records.
  • Managers can view their direct reports and see the last time they did any updates or even the last time a specific Project, Phase or Task was updated.

The Percent Complete Updater Module uses a standard User Defined Info Center and will be fully transferable to DPS:

For More Information:

If you would like someone from the Version X team to contact you to discuss how the Percent Complete Update Module for Deltek Vision can improve your business process, drop us an e-mail at [email protected]






  • Percent Complete Update Module: $2,500 USD

Pricing includes initial consultation to determine requirements, initial setup and configuration of the Percent Complete Update module. Any client specific programming changes or requests for enhancement to the core functionality of the module are billable on a time and materials basis.