Version X Solutions connects directly to your Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint data to create powerful, preconfigured or fully custom reports with Power BI. Below we showcase a firms unbilled and an interactive version for you to explore.

Unbilled Detail and Aging

This report provides an in-depth understanding of unbilled transactions across your business hierarchy. Start with a broad perspective by exploring high-level categories like Business Unit, Division, or Subdivision, then drill down to specifics like clients and contract numbers for detailed analysis. Tailor this information to your needs using the ‘Filters’ button in the top left corner.
Available filters include isolating data by Client to assess unbilled activities, filtering by Project Manager to evaluate their oversight, utilizing the Aging Bucket to understand the duration of unbilled activities for better cash flow management, and focusing on specific Projects to analyze their impact on overall unbilled status. This strategic, hierarchical approach, coupled with advanced filtering, offers comprehensive insights into managing and resolving unbilled transactions.