Version X Solutions connects directly to your Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint data to create powerful, preconfigured or fully custom reports with Power BI. Below we showcase a firms employee utilization and an interactive version for you to explore.


This utilization report is presented in a matrix table format, offering a clear and concise view of employee productivity and engagement. Navigate through different levels starting with top-level views of broader categories like Business Unit, Division, or Subdivision to understand overall utilization. Then, drill down to specific Employees and their projects in the first column for detailed insights.
Utilize the advanced ‘Filters’ button in the top left corner to customize your view. Filter options include focusing on specific Business Unit, Division, and Subdivision to analyze utilization within these areas, selecting timesheet periods to observe engagement trends, and filtering by individual employees to assess their project involvements and productivity. This approach provides a comprehensive understanding of how effectively resources are being utilized across the organization.