Budget Alerts Module for Deltek Vision


The Budget Alerts Module for Deltek Vision provides a full e-mail and dashboard alerting system for managing your project budgets, even if you do not own the Resource Planning module. We have developed a custom solution that works from the Vision interface to provide a flexible, adaptable budget threshold alerting system for any company using Deltek Vision.

Click on this link to read more about how the Budget Alerts for Deltek Vision Module was developed.

  • The Budget Alerts Module for Deltek Vision uses the existing Vision alert system to deliver dashboard and e-mail alerts
  • An Administrator has the ability to configure budget thresholds to trigger alerts and to add new thresholds
  • All alerts are stored in the system giving you the ability to report on them with standard reports. By contrast, once a standard Vision alert has been viewed or cleared its gone forever but with the Budgets Alert Module for Deltek Vision you can now keep a history of who received an alert and when.
  • Administrators can create an escalation chain for alerts. If action isn’t taken in a given period of time, additional alerts are delivered to someone higher in the chain of authority.
For More Info:

If you would like someone from the Version X Solutions team to contact you to discuss how the Budget Alerts Module for Deltek Vision can help you keep your project budgets on track, drop us an e-mail at [email protected]