Budget Alerts Module for Deltek Vision


The Budget Alerts Module for Deltek Vision provides a full e-mail and dashboard alerting system for managing your project budgets, even if you do not own the Resource Planning module. We have developed a custom solution that works from the Vision interface to provide a flexible, adaptable budget threshold alerting system for any company using Deltek Vision.

Click on this link to read more about how the Budget Alerts for Deltek Vision Module was developed.

  • The Budget Alerts Module for Deltek Vision uses the existing Vision alert system to deliver dashboard and e-mail alerts
  • An Administrator has the ability to configure budget thresholds to trigger alerts and to add new thresholds
  • All alerts are stored in the system giving you the ability to report on them with standard reports. By contrast, once a standard Vision alert has been viewed or cleared its gone forever but with the Budgets Alert Module for Deltek Vision you can now keep a history of who received an alert and when.
  • Administrators can create an escalation chain for alerts. If action isn’t taken in a given period of time, additional alerts are delivered to someone higher in the chain of authority.

For More Info:

If you would like someone from the Version X Solutions team to contact you to discuss how the Budget Alerts Module for Deltek Vision can help you keep your project budgets on track, drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

  • Budget Alert Module: $1,500 USD  / Year (first year paid at time of implementation)
  • Setup fees extra and may vary based on existing configuration and setup
  • No Annual Maintenance
  • Unlimited number of Users

Pricing includes an initial consultation, however initial setup and configuration of the Budget Alerts Module is extra and will be determined after initial consultation. Any client specific programming changes or requests for enhancement to the core functionality are billable on a time and materials basis. We will provide a detailed estimate for any such requests.

Any updates required due to changes to the Deltek Vision application or issues arising from full version upgrades or cumulative updates are included in the annual pricing. Price also includes any new enhancements to the module as developed. Installation of updates subject to prior client approval.