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Report Development

We offer a range of customized reports and modules, developing solutions that meet your specifications and make your valuable business data actionable.

Premium Services for Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint

We specialize in setting up your system, solving any issues, and organizing your data. Let us take care of your Deltek needs, so you can focus on running your business.

Consulting Services

Reliable assistance and in-depth insights from experienced experts. We will help you make the most of your business systems and solve the problems the other firms can’t.

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Our Team

About Version X

Kevin Coles is a Deltek expert who has been helping firms setup and leverage their systems for over 25 years. With time, this turned into Version X Solutions, a company comprised of Deltek experts dedicated to understanding each firms unique setup, to provide the very best services and products possible.

“Our complimentary skills and depth of knowledge allow us to solve your most challenging Deltek issues”.

Our goal is to ensure you have instant access to the critical information within your Deltek Vision or Vantagepoint system. At Version X Solutions, we craft powerful tools that deliver essential insights right at your fingertips, precisely when and where you require them.


As principals, we’re also hands-on in every project. Our enduring client relationships are built on a deep understanding of their businesses.

You’ll always have the same dedicated team members assisting you, ensuring consistent progress without the hassle of re-explaining your needs.

Say goodbye to the frustration of working with staff who aren’t as familiar with Deltek Vision or Vantagepoint as you need them to be!

Our Clients

Deltek Vision Expert Consultants

Manager, Land Development, Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd.

Over the course of a year Version X Solutions was instrumental in working shoulder to shoulder with us as we revolutionized our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system by migrating it into Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) and dynamically integrating it with our Deltek accounting database. Due to Kevin asking the right questions to efficiently understand our business needs, the KPI system improvements now give Managers at varying levels across the firm current, accurate, meaningful reports helping them quickly identify areas to focus on, work with their direct reports, and have the tools to immediately see if adjustments are having the desired results or not.

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Derek Hull

Former CFO, Fisher Associates

While at Fisher Associates I worked with Version X Solutions on a number of Deltek Vision and Power BI reports. Their team are knowledgeable professionals who always makes the time to go above and beyond for their clients.

We were able to increase reporting accuracy and efficiencies with their help. I highly recommend Version X Solutions for your Deltek and Power BI reporting needs.

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Jason Mienhart

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