Version X Solutions is excited to now offer our clients Power BI for Deltek Reporting solutions!

Over the past 2 years we have been hard at work developing a suite of Power BI for Deltek reports. These reports are fed directly from your Deltek Vision / Vantagepoint database. In the next few blog posts we will begin to showcase some of our work in more detail.

It doesn’t matter whether you are on Vision 7.x or Vantagepoint, cloud hosted or on-premise, we can develop reports that will use your live data.

Many of the reports we have developed combine data that would normally require you to run multiple standard reports. We can customize any report for your specific needs as well as build one-stop dashboards that incorporate tabular reports, graphs, charts and gauges.

Here are just some of the reports we can replace in Power BI:

We can also combine related data and KPIs that simply isn’t possible with standard Vision / Vantagepoint reports.

Follow our blog and check back often to see some of the exciting products we’re building for our clients!

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