Your Own Cloud First – I last wrote about Your own Deltek Vision Cloud a little over 2 years ago. That post was really a primer to cloud for the uninitiated. Since then a lot has changed within the cloud space but I won’t go into the minutiae of the various cloud services. Instead, the focus of this post will be on why you need to consider the cloud for your Deltek Vision system and why you should consider Your Own Cloud First before you consider Deltek’s cloud offering.

What do we mean by Your Own Cloud First?

We can provision cloud server(s) for you on Microsoft Azure (and other cloud platforms), migrate your on-premise Vision system to the cloud, and even manage them for you. We can help you move to Your Own Cloud First!

Benefits of Cloud:

Before I get into a comparison of DeltekFirst cloud vs. Your Own Cloud First, let’s do a quick review of some of the key reasons for the shift to the cloud in the first place:

Benefit Details
Maintenance Lower maintenance costs with no physical servers to operate frees existing IT staff for other tasks or can reduce overall staff required
Reliability Cloud hosted servers and applications have extremely high up time made possible by many layers of physical redundancy
Data Protection Much lower risk of data corruption or loss, again made possible by physical redundancies and backup systems that most in-house IT cannot provide
Security Most SMBs do not have the in house skills to secure and actively monitor their systems for malicious activity. Cloud providers have many safeguards in place to keep out intruders.
Performance Cloud solutions can be easily scaled to meet needs, even on demand in certain cases
Predictable Costs Known monthly costs for servers or subscription based applications is better for cash flow. No costly hardware replacements that can catch a business off guard


DeltekFirst Cloud vs. Your Own Cloud First:

So now that we have a good understanding of why moving Deltek Vision into the cloud makes practical sense, we need to look at why you should consider Your Own Cloud First, before pulling the trigger and choosing the DeltekFirst platform. The comparison below is geared toward firms that already use Deltek Vision on-premise. For a company that is just in the consideration stage of moving to Deltek Vision for the first time, there are other considerations, however some of these points will also be important to consider:

DeltekFirst Cloud Your Own Cloud First
Subscription Based – Must give up perpetual licenses already owned and pay monthly/yearly per user Keep your existing licensing and only pay your existing Maintenance and Support fees
No direct access to your database – need a sandbox? Open ticket with Deltek and wait up to 3 days. Stored Procedures and other advanced database functionality is not accessible Full access to your database to create copies of your database, add Stored Procedures for workflows, etc.
Custom Reports
Possible but ability to upload custom reports must be authorized by Deltek Create and upload as many custom reports as needed
All upgrades/updates are scheduled and rolled out to all users by Deltek Upgrade when it suits you
Integrations With Other Systems
Currently not possible (Deltek says an API will be built) Integrate with other systems in your organization (no dependence in an API maintained by someone else)
No control over system performance Scale your server to meet the needs of your business
All support handled by Deltek Customer Care Still have access to Deltek Customer Care but also can add support services from Version X Solutions and get responsive help from people who know your business
Not Happy?
Once you are on the DeltekFirst platform it would be very costly and difficult to move to your own cloud or back to on-premise Can manage your cloud yourself or even move Vision back on-premise


We offer a cloud migration, hosting, and maintenance which is vastly superior over Deltek’s cloud offering. Contact us for more information.

If you have any questions or would like to have a comprehensive discussion on the benefits of Your Own Cloud First, leave a comment or send us an e-mail: [email protected]